10 Best Reasons to Build Your New Home at the Jersey Shore

For generations people have flocked to the shores of New Jersey during the summer months for vacations and getaways.  It’s the place where family memories are made and time seems to stand still.  From the sounds of the seagulls and waves coming ashore during the day to the lively music and entertainment at the boardwalks at night, just the very mention of a summer vacation at the Jersey shore can evoke some of the greatest memories.
And if you are lucky enough to live in the area there are so many things about the Jersey shore that become a part of you.  Many of the families that we have built custom homes for, in the towns along Long Beach Island, and even the mainland areas of Stafford Township, all agree that their decision to build their new home here has given their families and future generations the place to continue making memories.
Here are our 10 best reasons to build your new home at the Jersey shore.
1)            Our beaches are among the most beautiful in the country.  From the soft, warm sand to the refreshing water, Jersey beaches offer the best of surf and sun.  With amenities to please just about everyone, there are a variety of beaches that differ from one to the next.  Families can enjoy beach areas with boardwalks, eateries and fun things to do, while couples may prefer the more quiet, relaxing beaches for a daytime getaway.  The nightlife at our boardwalks appeal to the younger crowd.  There is definitely something for everyone at the Jersey shore.
2)            Communities along the beaches are close to everything you need.  There is plenty of local shopping, dining, points of interest and a wide variety of entertainment venues close by.
3)            With over 50 resort cities and towns in the state, there is always something to do. Many beach towns offer concerts and movies on the beach.  Some even have fireworks and other entertainment during the warm summer evenings.  There’s no better way to end a great day on the beach than to relax with a concert or movie at night.
4)            Home away from home accommodations.  Many families choose to rent a home for the week, but others who own their vacation home at the Jersey shore come down every weekend to soak up the sun and spend quality time with their families away from the office.   Lifelong friends are made when the same families visit the same towns each year.
5)            If the outdoors calls to you, Long Beach Island is the place to be.  Bordered by the Pinelands National Reserve and the Atlantic Ocean, outdoor recreation is endless.  Go camping, canoeing, hiking and wildlife viewing at the Pinelands National Reserve or spend the day relaxing on the beach.
6)            New Jersey boasts an array of bay areas that provide for a whole different experience than the beach.  The lifestyle along the rivers and bays, where boats are the major mode of transportation, offer activities like fishing and water sports as the main focus.  There are plenty of dining and shopping venues offering boat parking as well, so leave your car in the driveway and take the boat!
7)            Water sports like boating, kayaking and jet skiing are plentiful and having a home on the bay offers the best-of-both worlds, where you can crab or fish right in the privacy of your own backyard.
8)            A beachfront home offers direct access to the surf and sand offering incredible views of the beach from elevated levels.  Wrap-around decks and outdoor kitchens provide incredible entertaining opportunities for your guests all year long.
9)            Over the years Ocean County has ranked in Money magazine for “Best Places to Live”, “Best Places to Raise a Child” in Reader’s Digest and “Best Places to Retire” in Fortune magazine.
10)         New Jersey’s shore area is close enough to everything else that if you want to spend a day in the city, Philadelphia, New York and Atlantic cities are just a car ride away.  With public transportation you can hop on a train or bus and be in the city in about an hour and back home to the tranquility of the shore at the end of the day.


We could go on and on about why the New Jersey shore area is a great place to live, raise a family or vacation.  Even though it’s still winter, we want to remind you that summer will be here before you know it.  It’s time to make your favorite vacation spot your home and vacation all year long!  Stonehenge Building and Development can help you find the perfect location to build your custom home.  We specialize in building custom homes on Long Beach Island and the surrounding area.  No matter what size, style or location you have in mind, contact us about getting started on building your custom home today!

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