Custom Home Garage Doors – They’re Just Doors, Right?

custom home builder on lbi

One of the most overlooked and under appreciated exterior features of a new custom home are the garage doors. Not only do garage doors provide protection and security for your cars and other items stored in that coveted space, we bet you didn’t know they represent up to 30% of your home’s exterior façade! With…

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Residential Elevators for Custom Homes on Long Beach Island

custom homes on lbi with elevators

There are many features that are unique to custom homes built along the Jersey Shore and Long Beach Island area.  Some of these features include pilings to support the structure in a sandy environment, wind rated windows and doors, and living spaces above the ground level.  Depending on the design of your custom beach home,…

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Extend Your Summer on Long Beach Island Into the Fall

Extend Your Summer on Long Beach Island

If the outdoors calls to you, Long Beach Island is the place to be.  Bordered by the Pinelands National Reserve and the Atlantic Ocean, outdoor recreation is endless.  Go camping, canoeing, hiking and wildlife viewing at the Pinelands National Reserve or spend the day relaxing on the beach.  If you’re more of the city type…

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Must-Haves in your Custom Home

Custom home must-haves

As a reward for all your hard work through the years, you can finally build your dream custom home.  This is where the real works starts because you have to decide on what features you want to include in your custom home.  Do you want an open floor plan? Walk in closet? Or a luxurious…

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Top Apps for Home Buyers

Building a custom home is definitely a process.  When it comes to staying organized, efficient and creative during the building process the greatest tool may already be in your pocket — a smartphone.  Whether you need to check out a neighborhood for buying a potential lot for you custom home, keep an organized check list…

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Outdoor Living Areas for Entertaining

As a homeowner you take pride in your home and want to show it off to friends and family.  The perfect way to showcase your beautiful home is to entertain and have BBQ’s and dinner parties.  With the summer weather and fall approaching it’s inevitable to have beautiful days and it can be difficult to…

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What You Want in Your Beach Home

You’ve been going to your favorite beach every summer for vacation, but you’re renting.  You’ve realized there’s no place you would want to spend your summer so why not invest and build your dream beach home.  Your beach home is your relaxation haven, so truly think about the amenities that suit both you and your family…

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