The Benefits of Cedar Exteriors for New Custom Homes on Long Beach Island

cedar siding long beach islandThe building industry has seen its fair share of trends and new materials for homes. In a world where everything is “easy” and “quick” the use of maintenance free or low maintenance building products on new homes is prevalent. Depending on the type of home, budget, and preferences of the homeowners these products are very effective and can provide years of lasting value to any home. But even in this age of “low-or-maintenance-free”, we continue to offer options for more traditional building materials. Cedar exterior building products for siding, shingles, and trim are still a great choice for many of our homeowners. We would like to share with you the benefits of cedar exteriors for new custom homes on Long Beach Island.

Cedar exterior building products are made from cedar trees and has been used since the 1800s. it is known for its grain, is very durable, resisting rot and swelling, and has less cupping and splitting than other wood types. It also weathers the elements much better than other types of wood siding and can even withstand hail damage. This is especially important for homes on Long Beach Island, where storms, heat, sand, and wind can quickly damage a home’s exterior. Cedar can be used in many areas of a home’s exterior from siding to roofing shingles, and even trim.

There are many options for cedar siding to choose from including a variety of thicknesses, widths, stain grade or paint grade. The profiles available for siding are bevel, board-and-batten, tongue-and-groove, lap, trim, and shingle. The quality of the cedar siding will affect how well it takes stain or paint. Cedar siding offers a timeless, classic look that adds value to the curb appeal of any home.

Cedar roofing shingles offer many advantage for homeowners. One of the biggest is the longevity. Because cedar wood is a low density material with minimal shrinkage, it stays straight and is able to maintain its original dimensions in humid conditions, holds fastenings tightly, so it lasts longer. It has natural preservatives that help it resist moisture, UV rays, and insect damage, as well as wind damage. Because cedar is one of the world’s strongest woods it is naturally durable and a worthwhile investment for any new home.

cedar siding materials for new homesUsing cedar for your home’s exterior trim provides all of the same benefits as siding and roofing from strength to insect and weather resistance. Using cedar to trim around windows and doors helps create a permanent barrier against wind and water, which is critical in these areas. Trim boards are available in a variety of grades and textures to complement the style of a home, and the roofing and siding selections.

It’s important that homeowners understand that cedar needs to be treated and regularly maintained. Environmental factors may make the paint or stain fade faster, but faded cedar siding can be restored if that occurs. By choosing cedar for the exterior of your new home on Long Beach Island you are giving it a timeless, upscale, and aesthetically pleasing look, but you are also committing to the proper maintenance required of a natural wood exterior.

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