Exterior Lighting for Custom Homes on LBI

landscaping tips for custom homes on lbiWe spend so much time designing homes, selecting finishes, and making the interior beautiful that we sometimes miss a great opportunity for the outside of the home: exterior lighting. Everyone knows that there should be lighting at the front door and exterior weatherproof outlets, but it deserves a bit more love when it comes to exterior lighting for custom homes on LBI. Here are some great ideas for creating ambiance in your outdoor spaces.

Path lighting is usually low voltage fixtures that illuminate walkways by casting small pools of light on the ground. Sometimes, perforations in the light shield allow the lights themselves to be used as guides. If you’re having guests over it’s a beautiful way to light the path to your backyard or deck.

exterior lighting for custom homes on lbiRecessed lighting is typically installed over decks and garage doors. The larger recessed fixtures provide large pools of light but are mostly hidden. Sometimes, smaller low-voltage recessed lights are used to light stairs, posts, and built-in deck furniture. Exterior recessed lights are a great solution for lighting without having visible fixtures.

Landscape lights are frequently used for lighting in flowerbeds, up-lighting for seating areas or bushes, and even to illuminate things like outdoor cooking areas or ponds. If you are installing 120-volt lighting you will need wiring that is buried at 18” or encased in conduit to protect it from water.

Exterior lighting will add beauty to your home and, if done correctly, can enhance the best features of your home’s façade or outdoor living spaces and provide curb appeal. It’s also one of those features that can add value to your home, as well as increased safety. By complementing your landscaping and highlighting the best outdoor features of your home, it will make your outside areas more livable after the sun goes down.

Custom homes on Long Beach Island are a gathering place for families and friends throughout the year. By creating ambiance with outdoor lighting you will be able to extend your entertaining possibilities. We recommend talking to your builder about the available options for exterior lighting for your new custom home. Stonehenge Building & Development has helped our custom homebuyers imagine the possibilities for the outside of their homes, as well as the inside. If you own land and are looking to build a new home on LBI, contact us today for more information on how we can help you plan your new home.

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