How Your Custom Home Builder Can Help

5th St Ship Bottom All DoneBuilding a new home can be stressful during normal circumstances; however, rebuilding your home after an event like Superstorm Sandy can seem like a nearly impossible task.  There is so much happening all around, from changes in codes and regulations to long waiting times for township inspections.  Who does a homeowner turn to in these times?  There are many out of area contractors who have descended on the Jersey Shore in the aftermath of the storm and most of them have been weeded out and are now long gone.  The best advice we can give to those looking to rebuild is to ask a prospective builder a lot of questions about their expertise in shore areas.  If they cannot provide you with references, recommendations or samples of their work in similar areas, it’s probably best to move on. 

Your builder should be someone that can guide you in the building process.  From design and mechanics to materials and permits, a builder who is familiar with the area and town you are building in will be able to help you identify all of the details that need to be addressed to begin construction of your home.  Here are some ways your builder can help you through the process: 

1)   Your builder can help obtain the proper township permits and can make sure that your plans meet any zoning requirements prior to construction. 

2)   Because many builders who specialize in waterfront construction are familiar with products specific to these environments you can rely on your homebuilder’s experience and expertise when it comes to making these choices. 

3)   Coordination with all of the trades necessary to build your custom home takes time and construction knowledge.  Your homebuilder can properly coordinate all of the phases of construction so that you can be free to keep moving forward. 

4)   By having experience in the town you are rebuilding in, your builder can help you avoid the learning curve, which can save you construction time and money. 


These are just a few things that you can expect from a quality, local builder who is invested in the successful rebuilding of your home and neighborhood.  Stonehenge Building & Development has been building custom homes on LBI and the mainland for over a decade and are dedicated to the towns along the Jersey Shore now and after the rebuilding is completed.  We have many custom home projects in process at this time in many towns like Beach Haven, Brant Beach, Ship Bottom and Barnegat Light, just to name a few of them.  Please contact us today for more information on building your custom home on LBI. 

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