Innovative Technology Features for Custom Homes

builder on long beach islandNot every builder on Long Beach Island can offer a true custom home experience, so when it comes to technology in the home, it’s important to know what your LBI builder can offer.  With so many of our homebuyers looking for innovative technology features for their homes, we’ve been successful in making recommendations and offering the upgrades necessary to achieving these requests.  Here are some of the more popular technology features our buyers have added to their new custom homes.

Safe and Sound With Security Systems

These are not your eighties security systems with just a keypad and monitoring anymore!  Today’s advanced security systems can offer increased protection to include surveillance cameras and audio, smartphone access and control through apps, and a variety of sensors for fire, carbon monoxide and flooding.  In addition, some systems can even offer options to remotely turn on and off your lights, adjust your thermostat, lock and unlock doors and arm and disarm your security system.

Audio Sound Systems

Gone are the days of large, bulky speakers that stick out like a sore thumb.  Sound systems for custom homes are now moving toward more décor-friendly designs that help to maintain the style of your home by hiding speakers in cabinets, walls and ceilings.  The speakers themselves are more attractive, while providing quality sound no matter what room (or rooms) you are in. Whether it’s a room, or your whole house, today’s speaker designs can work with your décor without the bulk and boxy looks of yesterday’s systems!

Home Theater Entertainment

Media rooms and home theaters are still a hot tech-trend that is not going away anytime soon.  Many homeowners are opting to incorporate a room in their home design that is dedicated to media and home theater enjoyment.  Whether you are sports fan, gamer or just like to sit and watch a movie with surround sound and a theater feel, there are systems for every budget. From large, flat-screen TV’s with or without 3-D technology to projection screens with theater-style drapes, upgrading to a home theater entertainment package is a must-have for many custom homebuyers today.

With the incredible strides that have been made in technology for new homes such as audio, sound, security and convenience features, Stonehenge Building & Development is excited to help our homebuyers in their quest to upgrade their homes with the latest and greatest technology features!  For more information on building a new custom home on Long Beach Island and incorporating today’s technology trends for new homes, please contact us today!

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