Must-Haves in your Custom Home

As a reward for all your hard work through the years, you can finally build your dream custom home.  This is where the real works starts because you have to decide on what features you want to include in your custom home.  Do you want an open floor plan? Walk in closet? Or a luxurious master bath?  With so many options, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose.  We compiled a list of some of the current Must-haves in your custom home to help you in the decision process.

custom home trends

  • Master suite on the main floor:  If you’re building your dream home, chances are you are planning on staying for a while and are looking to grow in your home.  A new trend is having the master suite on the main floor.  Some benefits to this are fewer stairs to walk up or down, a private patio/deck off of your room, and more privacy from kids and guests.
  • Outdoor Living Space:  This includes a large front porch, patios, decks and/or verandas. Creating an outdoor living space not only allows you to enjoy nature with the comforts of the indoors, but increases the value of your home.
  • Radiant heating:  Hardwood floors, stone and tile can give a home a lot of character.  However, the main downfall is that in the winter the floors can be chilly to walk on.  Radiant heating is installed under the floor.  A key advantage to radiant heating systems is a decreased circulation of air, which means lessening the spread of airborne particles that central heating systems are accustomed to.
  • Open concept bathroom:  A new trend is eliminating the wall between the bathroom and bedroom to create one large open space.  This type of floor plan is definitely not for the shy.  However, there are other options to keep an open bathroom floor plan.  Keep the wall up, but have a large open shower.  An open shower gives an airy feel to the space, plus it lets in more light.
  • Home automation:  Is all about convenience.  Not only does it save you time by having your home automatically do routine functions such as watering your grass, but also saves you money by turning off lights and setting thermostats.  You can also automate a home theatre by dimming lights, turning down shades and turning on the TV and DVD player with one touch of a button.  Home automation is not only convenient, but provides security as well.  Knowing that you can look into your home remotely from any location, be alerted to wake up if there is a fire, turn off the gas and automatically have the police or fire department alerted is a priceless piece of mind.
If you’re curious about other options you can include in your custom home, please contact Stonehenge Building and Development today! You’ll be one step closer to building your dream home.

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