Outdoor Living Spaces for Your Custom LBI Home

Outdoor living space for new custom homesWith winter in full swing at the Jersey shore we’re still designing and building homes on Long Beach Island in anticipation of the summer season. Just because you’ve packed up and left for the winter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking of all the features you need to have in that new custom home you’ve been dreaming of. So, we’ve compiled a list of must-have outdoor living spaces for your custom LBI home to keep you relaxed and comfortable through all the seasons. Here are our top picks for outdoor living space options.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens continue to be one of the biggest outdoor trends. It can be as simple as a grill or as elaborate as a fully functional kitchen with a sink, beer station, countertops, pizza oven and refrigerator. Entertaining in your outdoor kitchen is a breeze and allows the host to engage their guests while preparing meals, drinks or snacks. Be sure that whatever kind of outdoor kitchen you decide on you have plenty of seating away from the heat source (grill, etc.) so that guest are comfortable.

Outdoor living rooms and Screened Porches

Going hand in hand with the outdoor kitchen, outdoor living rooms and screened porches are popular additions to a custom home design. These extensions of your indoor space think beyond terraces and decks and offer better furnishings and can be combined with your fire pit or fireplace to create a warm, cozy relaxing oasis. Some homeowners even use curtains to define the space and include luxuries such as TV’s and outdoor entertainment centers for added luxury.

Fire pits and fireplacesOutdoor living spaces for custom homes

Fire pits have come a long way, they aren’t just a dirt hole in the ground with some sticks and wood. Today you can find bar height gas fire pits to place your drinks on, stone and concrete fire pits built right into your patio, and coffee table fire pits with fire glass. A fire pit may be better for entertaining because more people can sit around it. A custom outdoor fireplace offers an intimate setting for just a few people. It encourages intimate conversation and a romantic ambience.   On cooler summer nights and even during the fall a fireplace place or pit can be just what your new custom home needs!

Heated patio

You’ve heard about heated flooring inside your home, but did you know heated flooring can be installed in an outside patio as well? This is another way to warm up and relax after the sun goes down and the cool ocean breezes are blowing. You can install a radiant heating system under concrete to keep your patio warm all year round. Another advantage to a heated patio is that in the winter it will melt the snow, making cleaning and maintenance much easier.

When planning your new custom home on Long Beach Island consider adding any or all of these features on the outside of your home. Your season can easily extend into the fall and even winter and you are sure to enjoy your home even more! Call Stonehenge Building and Development today or contact us to find out how you can incorporate fantastic outdoor spaces into your new custom home!

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