Products We Love for Beach Homes

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Building homes along the Jersey Shore can present many different obstacles than when you are building inland.  From the weather to the salt and sand, homes along the water need to be built with products and materials that can stand the test of time and environment.  If you are planning to build your custom home on LBI or anywhere along the New Jersey coastline there are some great options these days that will help your home weather the harsh conditions from the sun and surf.  Here are some of our favorite products for beach homes and the reasons why we love them.

Vinyl Siding For A Maintenance Free Cost Effective Exterior

While vinyl siding may conjure up images in your mind of dated clapboard-like siding, but we’ve got some modern, state-of-the-art vinyl siding materials that will make you do a double take!  This type of siding is made from polyvinyl chloride and offers advantages such as low maintenance, expansion and contraction that works well in a variety of climates and color that penetrates the material, so painting is not necessary.  Another type of vinyl that is a little more expensive, but of higher quality is cellular vinyl.  It looks like wood and is thicker than traditional vinyl siding and holds up better. The appearance is outstanding, as well as long lasting.  Remember, installation of the vinyl siding is key to avoiding gaps and leaking, so be sure your installer is qualified and knows how to work with the material.

AZEK Decks & Risers for a Beautiful Wood Deck Look Without the Fading

When building your custom home along the beach or riverfront, the views will be breathtaking and adding decks and patios to capture those views is essential to the design and functionality of your home.  Decking in these conditions can be a difficult, maintenance hassle; however, we’ve found a product that is superior to even composite materials.  AZEK Deck, which is stain and scratch resistant, is a beautiful low maintenance material made of cellular PVC.  It comes in a variety of textures and colors and offers the look of wood even for the risers.  AZEK provides low maintenance and durability and will last for a very long time, even in harsh shore environments.  Remember, decks can add value to your home and this is one of our favorite products for a great, maintenance free wood look without the hassle.

Fiberglass Exterior Products for Almost Every Application

From siding and trim to doorframes and roofing, fiberglass products have proven that they belong in beachfront construction.  Fiberglass building products are also considered energy efficient, so if you are trying to build green these are the products for you.  Fiberglass building products are resistant to many chemicals, like acid rain that can damage other types of exterior materials.  It doesn’t oxidize, rust or corrode, which is extremely important in coastal environments.  It is also cost-effective and will last many years to come on your new custom home.

So when you are designing your home and are choosing the materials and products you will be building with, be sure to discuss some of these great exterior products with your builder and/or architect.  A little extra planning up front will ease maintenance and replacement costs later on.  For more information on building your custom home on LBI or along the New Jersey shore, please contact Stonehenge Building and Development today.

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