The Demolition Process – Custom Home Building on Long Beach Island

One of the hardest parts of custom home building in an area such as Long Beach Island is trying to save the existing vegetation on each lot, which every tree is important, while trying to provide for enough building space for the home the owner is planning for us to build.  In addition, maintaining a level of sensitivity to the impact demolition can have on the neighbors is somewhat difficult.  Things can get hairy, particularly when the neighbor’s landscape and trees encroaches on your client’s property.
With proper communication and the same attention to detail that is achieved in building the new custom home, the demolition process can be smooth for both the crew providing the demo services and the neighbors.    Communicating with the neighbors ahead of the demolition and asking them about concerns they have or any other lot related questions may give rise to time constraints; however, a little extra time spent up front easing their concerns may save a whole lot of time (and complaints to the township by the neighbor) during the actual demolition.
Recently, we demolished an old home on a lot five houses from the beach in Harvey Cedars.  Our challenges were a crumbling fence on our lot with greenery growing on it from the neighboring home.  This was a particularly delicate situation because we needed to ensure that the greenery was treated carefully in order to remove our fence with minimal damage to the plants.  By communicating with the neighbor and conveying the importance of how we need to protect the native vegetation to our demo crew, we were able to keep the greenery safe and the neighbor happy throughout the process of tearing down the house and fence.  In addition, the neighbor was concerned about trees on our property and again, through communication we were able to ensure the safety of the trees during the demolition.
Currently we have completed grading off the lot with fill and are now awaiting our permit to begin construction on the new custom home, which is available for sale.  For information on our new custom home in Harvey Cedars click here

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