Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder for Your New Long Beach Island Home

Choosing the Right Custom Home Builder for Your New Long Beach Island HomeWhen it comes to choosing a builder for your custom home on Long Beach Island, there are many qualities that are important to the overall success of your building project. Finding the right homebuilder involves a lot of research, planning and legwork. Building a custom home is not only a financial investment, but also an investment in your family and your future, so it definitely pays to find the right company to realize your dreams. Choosing the right custom homebuilder for your new Long Beach Island home is not an easy task, but we’ve got some great tips for you.

1) Do your research and use the Internet to find builders who specialize in the area you wish to build your home. Write down a list of potential custom builders and view their websites and social media profiles. Do they have a portfolio of previously completed homes, or have they won any awards or recognitions? Gather as many testimonials and reviews as you can from past customers. Word of mouth is essential when you are trying to establish the reputation of a builder. Ask questions such as service and satisfaction, workmanship, cost and timeliness.

2) Building your new custom home on LBI is very personal, so it is important to find a builder that will support your new home building wants and needs. Contact them either by phone or through their website and gauge their responsiveness to your inquiry. Are they listening to your concepts and ideas? Are they a team player and will they work with your architect and/or engineer? Does it sound like they are promising too much to be true? Ask questions and make sure you get the answers you are seeking before you make your decision.

3) One of the questions you need to ask potential builders is how often they will be on your job site. Be sure to verify their answer with references. If having the builder on site every day is important to you, perhaps finding a smaller builder with the hands-on personal service you seek will be a better fit. Find out if they will be available for on-site walk-throughs of the home under construction and how often they can do that with you. Make sure your custom homebuilder accepts your involvement in the building process before you decide whom to build with.

4) Find out if your builder has experience in the town or area you are planning to build. This can be crucial to your timeframe, as well as ease of permitting and inspections. If the builder is familiar with your area, their recommendations for products and materials come from experience and can enhance the overall quality of your new custom home. Out-of-area builders may not be familiar with local or state building codes and ordinances and you definitely don’t want your home to be the learning curve.

5) Visiting past homes built by the company you are considering is an excellent way to see the quality and craftsmanship your builder has provided in the past. When walking through a home you want to make sure you look for signs of good construction, like details of the finish work. If possible, ask the homeowners what kind of building materials were used in the construction of their home and how costly their utilities are. If the builder you are interviewing cannot provide references or arrange for a walk through of completed homes, they may not be the builder for you.

Overall, you want to find a builder that is experienced in building custom homes, demonstrates financially responsibility, has high standards of quality, a great reputation and will work as part of a team to complete your dream home. Stonehenge Building and Development would like to be your choice for a custom homebuilder on Long Beach Island. Contact us today with any questions or more information about building your dream home.

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