Top Apps for Home Buyers

Building a custom home is definitely a process.  When it comes to staying organized, efficient and creative during the building process the greatest tool may already be in your pocket — a smartphone.  Whether you need to check out a neighborhood for buying a potential lot for you custom home, keep an organized check list or choose a paint color – there’s an app for that!  Here is a list of some of our favorite apps for the custom home building process.
·         Around Me:  When choosing a lot to build your custom home, it’s all about location.  This app uses a GPS to determine your location to identify stores, restaurants, banks, movie theatres etc. that are closest to you.  
·         Wikihood:  Uses Wikipedia to provide information about people, buildings, culture, geography and companies for a given location.  It also offers a virtual tour of the city with an enhanced map.

·         Dictionary of Real Estate Terms: Buying a custom home can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with the real estate language.  The dictionary is filled with over 3,000 industry terms so that you can converse with brokers, agents and contractors easily.  

·         Task This:  Allows you to manage your tasks in a simple way.  When building a custom home there are many different deadlines to keep track of.  This app allows you to organize shopping lists, events, reminders and more.

·         NestPix:  Helps you to track and share your custom home building process.  You can create folders and galleries for each step of the way.  You can then share your photos with friends and family while your home is under construction.

·         Houzz:  This app contains a photo bank of over 150,000 images from buildings and rooms all over the world.  Get inspired and design your dream home!

·         Decomash:  Offers stress free decorating.  Take a picture of a room in your home and then Decomash will help to find matching artwork, rugs and more.

Stonehenge Building & Development has been helping homeowners build their dream luxury homes for the past 20 years.   Not only will these apps help guide you through the home building process, but our expertise and experience will as well.  Contact us to get started on your dream home today! 

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