What You Want in Your Beach Home

You’ve been going to your favorite beach every summer for vacation, but you’re renting.  You’ve realized there’s no place you would want to spend your summer so why not invest and build your dream beach home.  Your beach home is your relaxation haven, so truly think about the amenities that suit both you and your family best.  We have created a list to share about the critical wants and needs that were popular to our clients when they were building their dream beach home. 
·          Location:  Location is key when building a beach home.  You want views of the ocean or the bay.  It was important for our clients to have a multitude of deck space and balconies to take advantage of all the beautiful views of the water.  Creating a boat dock for your boat or Jet Ski is also an option that can be built based on location.

·          Open floor plan:  An open floor plan makes a home seem larger because there is an open sight line from the kitchen to the living room.  The open plan adds to the openness and airiness of the beach and becomes the perfect space to invite friends over for entertaining.  High ceilings ranging from 10-11’ also add to the open and airy feeling of the beach. 

·          Outdoor living spaces:  Outdoor living space is crucial during the summer months due to barbeques and entertaining of guests.  Outdoor kitchens are a big trend to ease the cooking process to make your summer barbeque a huge hit.  Having a swimming pool or hot tub is also a great way to cool down or relax.  Sun rooms or screened in porches are also another way of extending the inside outside.  These spaces give you the perfect spot to relax while still enjoying breathtaking views.

·          In- law suites:  Are becoming more and more popular as trends show more multi-generation families living and vacationing together.  Having an extra master bedroom allows more privacy and down time for family members.      

·          Décor:  Using natural colors such as neutral sandy beiges, earthy greens and light blues make a beach home feel comfortable and stylish.  These natural colors work well together making the home flow while remaining cohesive.  These colors bring the beach into the home without being too literal.  Hardwood flooring is a great option for a beach home because it is easy to keep clean and is becoming increasingly more eco-friendly with new materials being made out of recycled products. 

Life’s a beach.  So take the leap and build your dream beach home.  Our company, Stonehenge Building and Development will be there every step of the way to help you to make the right decisions during the building process.  For more information about building your dream home at the Jersey Shore, contact us.  


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