Why Choosing a Local Builder Will Make A Difference

long beach island custom home builderIf you were left with a home in need of rebuilding after super storm Sandy and you are considering your options as far as who to choose to help get your life back to “normal” there are some things to consider when choosing a building company.  For instance, the biggest questions are:  Are they reliable?  Will they do what they say they will do, for the price they say it will cost?  There are so many uncertainties when it comes to reconstructing a damaged home, but one thing you can count on is that your local contracting and building firm will always be the best choice.   There are many reasons why choosing a local builder will make a difference if you are rebuilding your home on LBI:
1)      Doing business in the towns of LBI means your builder is familiar with local inspectors, codes and tradesmen.  This will help streamline inspections and there will be no learning curve in the construction process.
2)      Contractors who have been doing business on the Island will continue to be there after your home is completed.  A contractor from out of the area may not come back quickly should anything need to be serviced after the project is completed?  Local building firms have geography on their side!
3)      The reputation of the local builder is an important part of the decision you face.  A referral from a friend or neighbor who already has experience with the local contractor you are considering can be invaluable when you are choosing your contractor.  Personal referrals for builders on LBI can also confirm your good decision to use a local contractor.
4)      Licenses are required for anyone doing contracting work in the State of NJ.  If your builder is out of the area they may not have proper licenses, insurance and documentation to do work in our area.  These licenses are set up for the homeowner’s protection and can help give you recourse in the event things need to be addressed after the project is complete.  An out of state contractor may not be reachable later on and you will be left with no one to help you resolve an issue.
5)      Many local builders are part of an industry group such as the Shore Builders Association of Central NJ and the New Jersey Builders Association.  These are great resources for homeowners who are looking for quality, local building companies during this time of rebuilding.  Be sure to check with the local association to make sure your contractor is a member in good standing or click here for a listing on NJBA’s website.
With everything that has happened at our Jersey Shore this past month-and-a-half, we have made tremendous progress in getting back to business and helping each other continue to recover.  Many out of state organizations came to our aid when we needed it most, and we are thankful for the help we received.  But no one knows our area like our local custom home builders and remodeling contractors, so when you are considering a company to help rebuild your home, think about local companies, like Stonehenge Building & Development, who has been building custom homes on Long Beach Island for over two decades.  For more information on building your custom home on LBI, click here.  For information on Hurricane Sandy relief and donations, visit NJBA’s website by clicking here.

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