Why Harvey Cedars?

Harvey Cedars is a part of Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  It is located in Ocean County, is 57 miles East of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and is home to 359 residents.  You may be wondering where the name Harvey Cedars came from.  Urban development and beach erosion changed the face of Long Beach Island forever. The northern end of the island used to be covered with cedar wood.  Early residents of the area harvested salt hay and seaweed to make a living.  Through this combination the Harvey Cedars name was derived.  Harvey Cedars was incorporated in 1894 and retained its independent status after the founding of Long Beach Township in 1899.  Here are a few facts we compiled together about Harvey Cedars:
  • Population change since 2000: -6.1%
  • The average cost of a home is $755,800
  • There are about 11.9 students per teacher, which is below the national average and creates a great learning environment
  • The amount of high school graduates is above the national average at 94.5%
  • It is 1.2 square miles
  • The book and movie Jaws was based on a shark attack that took place off of the beach at Harvey Cedars in July of 1916
  • The Harvey Cedars Hotel is the last remaining historic hotel located on Long Beach Island, NJ in the town of Harvey Cedars.  It was built in the 1830’s as a fishing and hunting hotel.  In the 90’s due to years of neglect, renovations started.  The structure to this day still remains and is very recognizable in stature and design as it was in the 19th century. 

Harvey Cedars is a small beach town perfect for raising a family.  Contact Stonehenge today to start building your custom home for your family.     

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