You’re Only As Good As Your Last Custom Home on LBI

building a home on long beach islandLong Beach Island is approximately 18 miles long, including three miles of nature reserve located at the southern tip. Needless to say, it’s a small world on the island, especially when it comes to building custom homes. As one of the premier custom home builders on Long Beach Island, we know that each and every home we build needs to be completed on time, on budget, and delivered to our homeowners in perfect condition. It’s true that you’re only as good as your last custom home on LBI, so our sub-contractors are the best in the business. But why does this matter when a homeowner chooses a builder? We’ll give you six reasons how high quality sub-contractors are the key to amazing custom homes on Long Beach Island.


When working with sub-contractors, the builder’s management of the trades is on of the most important aspects of building your custom home.  From scheduling to quality control, your builder’s ability to manage their sub-contractors and their relationships with the trades will make a huge difference in the completion of your new home. Our field managers are highly skilled and experienced in the proper management of our subs, but you can read more on that here.


Building in coastal areas requires extensive experience in dealing with the conditions we face on Long Beach Island. We choose sub-contractors that are local, and invested in the area. They are highly experienced with building elevated homes along the island and we trust them to work on our homes with the experience, care, and attention we require.


As we said earlier, it’s a small world on Long Beach Island, and reputations get around. All of our sub-contractors are highly reputable and work for us based on their experience and reputation for quality and reliability. We know they will be on site working when we need them, for as long as we need them, and will always provide top-notch work.


Most of our sub-contractors have been part of our team for many years, and many of our relationships go back to the days when we were building developments on the mainland. The longevity of our sub-contractors provides our homeowners with a peace of mind that they are in it for the long haul. There are no hit-and-run contractors in a Stonehenge Built home!


We would not be the builder we are without the consistent quality our sub-contractors provide in each and every home. They know our expectations for the work they complete in our homes, and we know what to expect from our sub-contractors. They are there when we need them to be: before, during, and after construction.


Building relationships is what we do. From our masons to our framers, and every sub-contractor working between the floors, roof, and wall of each and every home, we have a long-time professional relationship with our sub-contractors that allow for open communication, honesty, and integrity. We know whom we are working with to ensure perfection in every home we build on Long Beach Island.

High quality sub-contractors are one of the key ingredients to building the best homes on LBI. Stonehenge Building and Development is proud of our long-term relationships with our sub-contractors. They provide a solid foundation behind our company to ensure our homebuyers that their home will be built to our expectations, so that we can exceed their expectations. For more information on building a new home on Long Beach Island, or to view our available reverse living plans, please contact us today.

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