A Custom Homebuyer’s Guide To Molding

custom home on lbiOne of the things we hear most often from homebuyers is that new homes built today don’t have the character of older homes because new homes don’t come with molding. We don’t know what builders these buyers are talking to, but every home built by Stonehenge comes with crown molding (except in the secondary bedrooms) and large base molding throughout. There are several aspects of home finishes that add character to a home, but none can equal that of moldings. Moldings can effectively smooth transitions from wall to floor or wall to ceiling, and add a richness and warmth to any room. We believe molding is the perfect way to build your home with character. Here are some of the more popular types of molding, where they are installed, and what some options could be. Enjoy our custom homebuyer’s guide to molding.

Crown molding

Crown molding comes with every home we build. For those that are not familiar with crown molding, it is installed at the ceiling height and it adds a beautiful finishing touch to any room. There are many styles of crown molding, but the most popular we install is paint-grade colonial style.

Chair rail

Most popular in dining and living room areas, chair rail is usually installed 36” above finished floor on the wall and it’s main purpose is to protect the wall from the damage caused by the back of a chair. Chair rail can be installed alongside wainscoting (which we will explain below).


Installed at the floor level, baseboard helps create the transition between your walls and finished flooring, as well as providing a decorative touch. They can range from simple shoe molding to a bigger, more decorative look, like the 5 ¼” baseboard we use in all our homes.

Wainscotingmolding for custom homes lbi

Wainscoting is a paneling that can be made up of several types of molding and are usually installed between baseboard and chair rail. We also have installed full wall wainscoting for some of our homebuyers in areas like living and dining rooms, or foyers. Sometimes wainscoting of stain grade woods are used in dens, offices, or study rooms to provide a rich, upscale look. There are many options for painting and staining with contrasting colors and different trim styles.

Picture molding

Some homebuyers like to add picture molding, or box panels, to their walls to either frame their artwork and pictures, or to provide for architectural or interior design details, like contrasting paint colors. Picture molding can be installed above chair rail, or below chair rail, or as part of wainscoting designs.


Doors and windows are finished off with a molding called casing. It’s usually painted or stained the same color as the rest of the trim in the home and can be very simple or very decorative, depending on the homeowners preference and the design theme of the home. Casing is something that should be included by your builder, and should be upgradable if you desire.

Decorative accents

Plinth blocks, medallions, rosettes, and other decorative molding options can be added to your design. These specialty pieces can be paint or stain grade, and can be incorporated into your panel molding, wainscoting, and picture molding designs. It is best to talk to your builder about design options to determine which pieces will work best for your vision.

When it comes to molding in your new custom home on Long Beach Island, the trend of late has been to go with what you like. We have many homeowners doing a variety of molding options in their homes from full wall wainscoting throughout the house, to floor to ceiling in just the foyer. It really comes down to your preference. Stonehenge Building & Development will not only help you design and build the home of your dreams, but we will execute those designs with the passion and expertise we are known for on LBI and the mainland. For more information on building your new home, contact us today.

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