Exciting New Home Design Trends For 2014 That Actually Make Sense

Every year around this time we like to take a look at the exciting new home design trends for so we can share with you the latest products and materials: from kitchen trends to baths and all the colors and finishes you need to make your new home beautiful and functional. This information can help make the myriad of decisions that you need to make before, and during, the construction process a little less stressful because you will have all the “scoop” on what’s new and coming up this year. Remember, some trends are timeless like hardwood floors and ceramic tile; however things like paint colors and accessory finishes can change from year to year.  Keep in mind, it’s much easier to repaint the walls than to replace your flooring if you find your choices are no longer trending.

Here are some of the new home trends for 2014 that we are most excited about.

1) Color instead of beige. As new homebuilders we paint a lot of new, clean walls. Many of our clients choose a neutral tone throughout the house, however we have been seeing the trend toward less beige and more color options. Check out these vibrant colors one of our homeowners chose. How refreshing it is to see some pops of color that add interest and excitement to any room!

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2) Could it be that it’s now ok to mix metal tones?  The answer is finally YES!  No longer are the days when everything had to be brushed nickel or polished brass. Now, you can change up your metal tones throughout your home and have both silver and gold working together to make your home shine.

3) Move over Graige and welcome in Navy as the newest hot color, along with multiple shades of blue. We are seeing more shades of navy showing up on runways and today’s chic interiors. Navy is a great color to use as a base, and all shades of blue work especially well in a new shore home.

4) Check out this new trend in electrical outlets:  the U-socket provides a USB outlet to charge all of your electronic devices from iPads and phones to gaming devices and eReaders. These sockets even have the ability to automatically shut off once your device is fully charged. This is a practical trend for the way today’s families live and we look forward to providing these types of outlets for our custom homebuyers in the coming years.

5) There are two different polar opposites in tub trends this year. Some new homebuyers are looking for the total shower experience and are opting to increase the size and amenities in their showers in lieu of a tub, while others are choosing the luxurious feeling of a freestanding tub. No matter what your preference is, these two trends are going to continue to increase in popularity in new home design.

6) Multigenerational living is back in a big way; with many families combining aging parents and boomerang kids all under one roof. This affects the functionality of the home from bath design to kitchen and common areas. For baths, things like wall mounted sinks for wheelchair access are becoming widely used, and additional kitchens and living quarters are making a comeback for adult children to allow for privacy.

7) Kitchens are now being designed with more personality and a homey, relaxed feel with open shelf cabinets and warmer colors. As the heart of the home, 2014 kitchen design is heading toward more traditional finishes, still combining metals, stone and wood, but in a more relaxed, personalized tone.

We could go on and on with new home trends for 2014, but these are some of our favorites, and most influential, that we mention. We are looking forward to building more new homes on LBI this year for families looking to spend their summers at the Jersey Shore, or even settling in full time here. With several properties under construction now, Stonehenge Building and Development would love to help you build your dream home in towns like Harvey Cedars, Long Beach, Barnegat light, Beach Haven and many more around the island. Contact us today for more information on how we can help get you started.

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