Halloween Decorating Tips for Your Custom Home

When you build a custom home you build it the way you want it for you and your family.  When decorating for Halloween you don’t want your decorations to take away from the beauty of your home, but enhance it.  To begin, use nature as your color palette – beautiful rich oranges, reds and yellows.  Tastefully add Halloween colors like black and purple into the mix in accessories.  Decorating for Halloween can be a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy.  You don’t have to go out and buy your decorations, but you can craft them at home for a more custom look.  You have your custom home, so why would you want your decorations to be cookie cutter?  We compiled a list of fun DIY Halloween projects to create a custom look in your custom home.

· Create a black and white spider web pillow.  Use a plain black accent pillow as your base and wrap white yarn around the pillow to create a spider web effect.  Then glue a white doily on the pillow and glue a plastic spider to the top of the doily.  You can either sew the spider web on, or use craft glue.

·         Spookify your lanterns.  You can easily embellish a plain glass lantern with cut outs of bats, spiders and ghosts.  When you shut your lights off and leave the lanterns on, the silhouettes will appear on the wall creating an eerie effect!
·         Create spider pumpkins.  Take you pumpkins, glue or paint eyes and attach pipe cleaners as legs.  This is a great decoration for indoors or your front porch.
·         In scary movies they have pictures on the wall where you feel like the eyes are watching you.  You can create your own version of this by photocopying old black and white photos and gluing googly eyes on.  Place these photos in frames and swap them with the photos that are currently on your wall.
·         Turn your empty sauce and pickle jars into a haunting terrarium.  Fill each jar with water and a little bit of yellow or green food coloring.  Then place plastic spiders and other scary creatures into the jars.
Have a Halloween party to show off all your custom decorations as well as your beautiful custom home!
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